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Daniel Fast #1- Brown rice and veggies

Posted in Daniel Fast by misspicture on December 13, 2010

Welcome to the five-day Daniel Fast.

I was so hungry that i forgot to take a picture of my lunch. But if i had to describe it for you i would say… colorful

Brown rice with corn and soy sauce and salad.

it may not sound good. But trust me. It was.

I also made trail mix with almonds, raisins, dates, and chocolate noir.

I am also reading Proverbs this week. And praying to God for wisdom as im starting to think about next year.



Daniel Fast-

Posted in Daniel Fast by misspicture on December 6, 2010


Im doing it again.

This morning i overheard two of the boys on my team talk about it.

And i invited myself to join them.

We might not follow the exact same guidelines but im excited anyways…

I loved the daniel fast when i did it back in february.

we start next week.

stay tuned. I promise to do a better job with posting recipes this time.



Posted in Daniel Fast,Randomness by misspicture on February 25, 2010
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But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. 1 Peter 1:15

What does that even mean? to be holy…

Well.. Let’s ramble for a second or two.

Holiness is all about your heart. Its about your motives and not about your actions.

It really doesnt matter how many days you go on a Daniel Fast. If your heart is not growing closer to The Father, then i would say you are just on a diet. (guilty)

It doesn’t matter what you are giving up for lent. If you are not finding yourself more and more dependent on God. Then you are just following a crowd.

It doesnt matter how many “christian” books you read. If you are not learning about the character of God AND applying your knowledge about Him…. Then i would say you are wasting your time.

It doesnt matter how many hours a day you spend reading The Bible. If the information you are reading is not causing a transformation in you… Then you are missing the whole point.

Arent we so legalist sometimes? (Am i speaking for myself? come one… you are, too, sometimes. RIGHT?)

We -sometimes- do all these things ultimately to feel good about our-little-selves.

Holiness is an issue of the heart.

BUT how can we be holy when our heart is sick with sin?

Well i dont have an answer.

But my best shot would be that we need to examine our hearts everyday. and ask for forgiveness everyday.

This just hit me today as i realized i spent all my day watching “J.O.N.A.S” (yes… they have a tv. show. i love it) and it was 9pm and i had still not had my time alone with God. And im supposed to be fasting, right? Fasting for who? the jonas? i dont think so. So I sat down and asked for forgiveness.

And you know What?

He Forgave me.

as usual.

My heart is wicked. prideful. selfish. rebellious. I am so glad He chose to love me first.

Im in love with Him. ❤


Posted in Daniel Fast by misspicture on February 18, 2010

Today is day #4 on my Daniel Fast. And so far so good.

I made hummus last night. (which is one of my favorite things to eat) And it was good. VERY good.

I also read the book of Ruth, again. Of course. But this time i saw it. I saw a different Ruth and a different Boaz. I saw the tickles and the butterflies in their stomachs. I saw the love story.

He saw her first. She liked him and waited. Then they married and she bacame King David’s great grand mother.

But i dont think this book is about Ruth finding her Mr. Right. This book is about her faithfulness to God and her mother-in-law. This book is about a woman who works hard. And its about God’s blessings. And our lives should be about that too.

In other news, im kind of in a BLAH mood today.



Daniel Fast. Day #1

Posted in Daniel Fast by misspicture on February 15, 2010

The past few days have been all about food. I have gone to the grocery store about five times or more. I’ve been in the kitchen a LOT.

Im already enjoying it. -Not so much the various trips to the store part.. But the ‘spending time in the kitchen’ part-

we have a new favorite at the H household.

I dont know what to call it. But its a mix of peanut, almonds and bitter chocolate.

My siblings and mom cant stop eating it.

I had it for breakfast today with some almond milk. It tastes like musli

Pictures comming up.

I also read the book of Ruth (im reading it everyday for the next 21 days) Im sure i will have it memorized by march the 7th.

And my first thought about this book is-

What’s up with Ruth going to Boaz’s tent in the middle of the night and sleeping at his feet?
What’s up with THAT  being honorable?
Oh well…