The Heart of a Missionary-

Daniel Fast. Day #1

Posted in Daniel Fast by misspicture on February 15, 2010

The past few days have been all about food. I have gone to the grocery store about five times or more. I’ve been in the kitchen a LOT.

Im already enjoying it. -Not so much the various trips to the store part.. But the ‘spending time in the kitchen’ part-

we have a new favorite at the H household.

I dont know what to call it. But its a mix of peanut, almonds and bitter chocolate.

My siblings and mom cant stop eating it.

I had it for breakfast today with some almond milk. It tastes like musli

Pictures comming up.

I also read the book of Ruth (im reading it everyday for the next 21 days) Im sure i will have it memorized by march the 7th.

And my first thought about this book is-

What’s up with Ruth going to Boaz’s tent in the middle of the night and sleeping at his feet?
What’s up with THAT  being honorable?
Oh well…


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