The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in life in the field,Our boys by misspicture on January 11, 2011

Today as we were walking home two of my teammates started joking about how i blog about random boys. which is false but the boy im going to blog about today is not random.

and i dont blog about boys here. at least most of the times i dont.

A few weeks ago i wrote THIS and NateKA read it. And as if his hugs weren’t enough he decided to make arepas for me. Arepa is bread for Venezuelans. He made them from scratch-my guess is  he looked  a recipe up online-  and made that tuna kind-of-salad that i blogged about. I wish i had pictures to show you but i devoured those yummy arepas. He still thinks they were not good enough. I disagree. strongly disagree.

Thanks, friend. I think this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Mr. Charming, as i call him sometimes, is really good at serving us. He cooks for us and eats my cookies even though they “are not the best ever” – It was the butter.- There is nothing too awkward for him (haha!) and he calls us, girls, beautiful all the time.

And i am his favorite Venezuelan
Im not sure about this. But i think im the only one he knows

so, Here’s to NateKCharming!
one of the three AMAZING boys on my team.

we are lucky girls.