The Heart of a Missionary-

I am home.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on May 28, 2012


What is home, anyways?

This word means so many things to me. Home is where my family lives. Home is where I grew up. Home is where the people I love live. Home is heaven.

But, honestly, home -for a missionary, or at least for me- is where you currently live. Whether that’s far from your biological family or close to them.

Home, is where God has you.

and sometimes, that’s a comfortable place. But its usually not.

I was reading the gospel of John this morning and the words of Jesus, spoke directly to my heart.

“There are many rooms in my father’s home, and I am going to prepare a place for you” John 14:2a

He is doing that right now. Preparing a place for me.

and for someone who is feeling a little homeless, That is good news.

This little verse gave me hope for the future. But it also gave me confidence for my present. I can hope and wait for the place He has for me, but I can also be confident that He has me where I am for a reason.

I also thought about Psalm 27:4a ” The one thing I ask of the LORD- The thing I seek the most- Is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life”

Aren’t you glad we can live in the house of the Lord, now? We can enjoy His presence, now. We can savor Him. Like we  lived in His house.

I hope and pray that you would learn, as I am, to hope for the place He has for you, but also to live in His house, today.


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