The Heart of a Missionary-

Dear _______.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on May 12, 2012

Dear _______,
you are the hardest thing to say goodbye to.
you are what has made my life easy here
you are also what has made it hard
very hard.
You are everything I hate
and everything I love
all at the same time.
You manage to both make my day
and ruin it all at the same time.

Dear ______.
I miss you.
And I am not even gone yet
Please tell me you miss me, too

Dear ______,
The pain of loosing you
is so deep I can’t even cry
I lost all my tears
and now I look tough,
brave and strong
They don’t know how I’m feeling
They think Im looking forward to go home
But I’m not.
Not If it means I have to go without you.

Im not sure if you know, Dear _____,
But im dreading the day,
I’d have to wake up
knowing you wont be there.





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