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Im back.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on April 17, 2012

Hello, readers!

If there’s any left….

I have decided to come back to the blog-sphere. Not because I have anything super important to share, but mostly because I need an outlet, a hobby, a-whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to cope with all the stuff that is going on in my life.

and since I love writing….

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about God and His goodness. What does it mean for Him to be good to me, in the midst of crappy circumstances? Because, He does not feel like He is good. He does not look He is good. So, what does His goodness look like right now?

It has taken me weeks to come up with an answer. But I think that He has shown me His goodness in community. In fellowship with believers in this country. He has loved me through my team (I can not brag enough about those five…), my pastors in country, my church, my small group, my supporters in the US and Vzla, and even the staff kids.

Yes, It has been a very very rough year. But I have learned to stay plugged in to the body of believers through it all. And I have experience God’s love and goodness through fellowship with other followers of Jesus.

How have you experience God’s love and goodness?





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  1. Jon Mathieu said,

    I’m glad you’re back! The blogosphere missed you.

    God is good to me all the time in the gospel (and particularly in the cross). The problem is that I lose sight of that when I’m hurting, or lonely, or frustrated. But it’s still true, and once I am able to lift my eyes to heavenly things, I begin to remember that I’ve been reconciled, brought from death to life, adopted as God’s child, etc., all by Jesus’ blood.

    God is good.

    • misspicture said,

      YES! amen! Preach it!


      no, but seriously. We are often so focused on ourselves, and what hurts us, and what we dont have, that we loose sight of the fact that the same God who gave us eternal life, is the same God that is walking right beside us today. He never changes!

      Gracias for commenting Jonathan David. 😉

  2. Jyll said,

    Welcome Back!! We missed you!!!!!

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