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More rambling about catholicism

Posted in Insights by misspicture on July 30, 2011

I just realized that what you think about catholicism matters in this part of the world. And it matters a lot.

Here in latin America, almost everyone claims to be catholic.
and for so long evangelical christians have tried to put catholics aside and ‘covert them’ to our religion. Not really, Jesus.

I know that my last post was about this same topic. But i just had a conversation with a friend about catholicism and my answer blew me away.

I wouldnt have said what i said tonight, two years ago.

She asked, How do i know that i have a relationship with Jesus. Do i have to go to your church to have it?

and i said, no.

You have to have Jesus to have it.

No religion can save you.
But Jesus can.

You can still go to your catholic church and have a relationship with Jesus.
My church is not where Jesus is.
Jesus lives in my heart.
He is everywhere i go. He lives IN me.

and He wants a relationship with you.

and boy, there is something about the word relationship that captures us latinos,
We want relationships.
Its a good word to use when sharing the Gospel with a latino…..

When Jesus is presented as a relational God, who wants to be our friend, our familia. Following Him becomes SO much more attractive.

Learning to ALWAYS point people to Jesus,
and getting rid of my theology, and doctrine, and knowledge and rules…….
Learning to present Jesus. And Him alone.


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  1. Jon M said,

    When you say “getting rid of my theology, and doctrine…”, do you just mean in your gospel presentations? Because those are pretty important for living life. And even in just the context of evangelism, you are “getting rid of [your]… rules” and probably “doctrine”, but not your theology, right? I mean, the fact that God is relational is part of your theology. The fact that He invites us into His family, and the fact that “Jesus is… God” is part of theology, etc.

    • misspicture said,

      You are right, Jon.

      Maybe i didnt word it right.
      And yes, i mean in my gospel presentations.
      This post is true for both latin americans and my african friends. Sometimes i try to tell them so many things about God, and i tell them so many Bible verses, and so many Bible stories, that i fail to focus my presentation in the person of Jesus. It usually becomes more of a discussion about ‘what i believe’ and ‘what they believe’ and less a conversation where i tell them, “Here’s Jesus. You should be His friend. You will find all you need to know in the Bilbe. Read it.”

      I dont know… This is something -I- struggle with.

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