The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in Insights,struggles by misspicture on July 24, 2011

I was raised catholic. By a grandma who taught me who Jesus was. How He loves and how He serves by speaking words of wisdom to me but mostly by living a life that made a difference.

When i made the decision to follow Christ a journey began for me. A journey that lead me to this morning when i finally  repented.

You see, Up until this morning, for some reason, i believed that catholics were not christians. They have side beliefs that are wrong. very wrong. Like we dont all have side beliefs that are wrong. very wrong……

Catholicism is what many people call their ‘religion’ in my country. And instead of partnering with them to reach students here i have them in the ‘non-believers’ list. Like they were mormons or something….

They believe in Jesus as our savior.
They surely need to emphasize that having a relationship with Jesus is important.
But protestants need to stop dividing His Church.
Catholics need to stop praying to anyone that’s not God in the name of Jesus.
But protestants need to stop judging our brothers and start letting God be the judge.

We claim to know Jesus. But sometimes we are so not like Him.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the grave, You are saved. That’s all I have to say about Catholics.

This is hard for me to say, and im not sure if im 100% right. I may not be. And I dont have to be. But… A relationship with Jesus does not save you. Nor reading your Bible. Nor going to church nor preaching the gospel. Jesus does. Believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth does.

The Venezuelan church would be so much more effective if we ALL worked together and PRAYED together for God’s grace and mercy to be over our country.

Its so funny, i try to do this with my muslim friends.
I try to focus our conversations on what we have in common.

Why is it so hard for me to have this attitude with my catholic brothers and sisters ?

Still learning.




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