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Posted in life in the field,Randomness,struggles by misspicture on June 13, 2011

I turned twenty-freaking-FIVE years old today.

I feel a little old. (I know im not…. but its just what i feel)

But today I have been thinking about all the things i have accomplished, all the things God has done and all that He is going to do… and all I can say is…. It is well. It is well!

I could focus in all the things i dont have……yet. and be miserable.


I could highlight God’s grace and faithfulness throughout my life. I choose that.

I choose to enjoy the abundant life He has for me.

I have a -far- from -perfect- but- helthy-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I am living my dream, His dream, for my life. I am forced to use my gifts and talents every single day and it feels great. I had the honor to share my life with six other amazing men and women last year. I have learned about true friendship. I have great friends in Venezuela, in the US, and in Africa.[ I guess this is what happens when you are a missionary. Home is seasonal and friends are everywhere] I have a dysfunctional, yes, but wonderful family that loves me. I get to walk by faith everyday of my life trusting God for my finances.

I have a pretty darn cool life.

I do what I love. Everyday.

And Im only 25! Who can say that?

not too many people.

so i guess this is a thank you note to God.

My rock, literally.

Thank you, papa.
Let’s do this!


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  1. Jon M said,

    It seems like every birthday I have similar thoughts — “Wow, I’m old (currently an ancient 26)”, followed by “Wow, I’m blessed!”

    Thanks for the celebratory blog post. It’s very cool to see your excitement for the path God has lain out for you! I’m looking forward to catching up sometime.. I’m currently staffing a project, and it’s awesome!


  2. Happy birthday 😉

  3. Well said! …from an “old” guy still walking with the Father and thanking Him everyday. May we all Finish Well!

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