The Heart of a Missionary-

Of boldness and audacity.

Posted in Insights,life in the field by misspicture on March 25, 2011

I heard a very wise man say: “If we have the audacity to ask we need to have the persistence to peruse

Steven Furtick. Of course!

Our team has been praying for boldness. But it is one thing to ask God to give us courage and is one other thing to actually step up and be bold.

Today as He gave me the chance to share The truth with my friend, i realized that i had a choice to make. 1- I could ignore that He was giving me an opportunity and keep praying for boldness  2- I could be the answer to my prayers

All the glory and honor to our father, but i decided to be the answer to my prayers. I decided that boldness is not something you just ask for. Being bold is a decision. Boldness is an attitude. Boldness is a verb.

We covered so much during our conversation. I told her the whole thing. and she listened. and politely disagreed  when she thought i was wrong. she processed the information i shared.

The Holy Spirit took over.

I took a little step of faith and opened my month.

He did the rest.

Today, as you go to work, Stay at home with your children, or go to school. Remember that that place where you spend the majority of your time, is your opportunity to be bold for Jesus. And as you pray for your co-workers, children, or classmates, take some steps of faith and open your mouth. Tell them about Jesus. The Holy Spirit will take over. He will do the rest.


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