The Heart of a Missionary-

This city is Yours

Posted in life in the field by misspicture on March 20, 2011

On a regular day you will find me in bed by 9:45pm. It is 10:08pm right now and i am still wide awake. Hence this post. Now i have to quietly get to bed in the dark in hopes that my super-light-sleeper roommate wont wake up. [good luck!]

I feel like i dont have much time to update this blog anymore. Life here goes by fast but i just wanted to take a few moments to update you a little bit on what’s going on in my life right now.

I have decided to come back to the desert for a second year. Im sure this is not as shocking to you as it was to my mom. There are many reasons and many ways in which i felt God leading me to this decision but there is one song God has used to speak to my heart about this city. Its “This City is Yours” by Elevation Worship [of course!]

There is one line that says:

“The heart in my chest, it is beating so fast
I can hardly contain all the hope in my veins
As I see you alive in this city arise
Like the sun shining bright
We see darkness and night run from our lives”

God has given me hope for this place. I believe something big is going to happen in this city. It is going to happen soon. And i want to be here to see it. I want to be a part of what He is doing here.

This city, Lord is yours.

This is my mantra. The song that i find myself singing every morning when i wake up. As i walk to the market. While riding a taxi.

This city, Lord is yours.

Teach us to love. The way you love us. Send us out. Send us out”

That means i will be going back to Maracaibo city, Venezuela the second week of may to raise support again.

which is really scary. 1- Because raising support is hard. 2- Because i just missed a year on everyone’s life and i feel like i have to catch up with everyone. 3- Because i will miss this place. as ugly and uncomfortable as it is. I will miss this city.

now, if you excuse me…. I need to go to bed now without waking Nelly up.




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