The Heart of a Missionary-

The Beach.

Posted in Insights,life in the field by misspicture on January 19, 2011

Yesterday i went to the beach with two of my friends.

now, I know what you are thinking. Sun, pina colada, and bathing-suit.


Women usually dont go to the beach to swim. They go to look at the crashing waves and remember what it was like when they were able to freely swim when they were younger.

We sat there in silence.

and i said “Je ne comprends pas comment il ya des personnes qui ne croisent pas en Dieu” In broken french

That would be “I dont understand how there’s people who dont believe in God”

and as i sat there without an audible response from my friends. I heard the voice of  God in my heart. He said very gently

“To those who are blind. I give the sound of the crashing waves. They Say, I am! ”
“To those who are deaf. I give the brightness of the sun. It declares, I am!”
“To those who cant either see or hear. I give the softness of the wind. It shouts, I am!”
“I. AM!”

It was such a good reminder that God has orchestrated this planet to display Himself. What I do here is nothing compared to what He has already done to show us how much He loves us.

He is in the business of bringing people to Himself. He is in the business of saving the lost.

And I trust Him.



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