The Heart of a Missionary-

Sunsets, the future and the present.

Posted in Insights,life in the field by misspicture on January 10, 2011

when was the last time a sunset took your breath away?

when was the last time you watched the sunset at the sound of this song?

I just kind-of did.

unfortunately this city is well.. a city. And its buildings blocked my view. But the colors on the sky were well worth the screams -in arabic- of our concierge. [ yeah! he screamed at me because i locked the door to our roof. ooooops!]. I stood there. My plan was to pray for this city but those colors left me speechless. All of the sudden my clever words of praise, and my ‘spiritual’ prayers couldnt find their way out of my mouth.

All i could say was: “May my eyes never take one more sunset for granted. May I never cease to be amazed by you, Jesus”

And i repeated that about 10 times.

“May my eyes….”

over and over

“May I never….”

and over again.

with tears of worship I sang Phil Wickham’s heaven song. oh i love it when i have my ipod on shuffle and the perfect song starts playing!

Life here in the desert is hard. Men stare at me like im a piece of meat and they want to eat me. Some people are not honest. and the worst of the worst. The call to prayer. Oh how i hate that. It screams “Allah!” five FIVE times a day. Out loud for the entire city to hear. I really do hate it.

But this is where God has me. This year. -We are still deciding about next year. (and by we i mean the Holy Spirit and I)- And even though its hard. And keeping in touch with my friends is difficult. And not being there when my baby brother learns a new song is heartbreaking. And missing my Maracaibo hurts. And not being with my family while they are having a hard time makes me sad sometimes. I love my life here.

I think im finally at a point where i can say that i know my way around. I know how to avoid the hungry-for-meat-men. I know how to take a taxi and how to make sure he is not overcharging me. I live here. And i love my life.

The sunset today reminded me that God is still in His throne painting colors in the sky. He still loves me. He is still reining. And that everything is right with the world….

Everything is exactly the way He intended it to be.
And I am exactly where He wants me to be.


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