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Christmas #2

Posted in life in the field by misspicture on December 28, 2010

Oh how i wish i could show you pictures of my wonderful christmas eve/day.

Since i cant. (for security reasons) I will do my best to describe it to you with words/ with my broken english./

On christmas eve, me and the precious boys on my team, made the Venezuelan christmas dish which we proceeded to eat at about 5:40pm. The hallacas turned out pretty good.

My team tried them. But before they did i stood up and said “All i want is some honesty from my team”. They said they liked it…. and i honestly think they kind of did.

I also made the “ensalada de pollo” which some of them loved. but i didnt really like it. oh well…

Then half of us stayed home (and by home i mean the B’s/ The Bs are one of the families that work with us) and the other half went to one of the two christian churches in this city for a candle light service.

when they got back home we had a mini-photo shoot and chilling time.

Later that night, the Bs got back from their christmas dinner and we lighted the fire place, played with their kids and just chilled around the christmas tree and then wrapped presents when the kid-os went to bed.

It was a great christmas eve.

We went to bed and woke up to the voice of the youngest B. Adam. A precious two year-old who has stolen all of our hearts. “Its christmas, Its christmas”

we got up. One of the boys made breakfast [aren’t our boys talented and domestic? gotta love them] eggs benedict with BACON (yes. earlier this month some friends went to a free country and got looooots of bacon. And by lots of bacon i mean LOTS of bacon)

yum… deliciousness!

then we opened presents. Half of our parents sent presents. But the Bs bought gifts for those of us whose parents couldnt send anything so we had something to open. It was so great!

then me and my team acted the christmas story for the B kids. It was hilarious! I tried really hard to re-vindicate myself as an actress. [long story] but i think i will always be the emotion-less actress in their eyes. That’s fine with me.

oh how i wish i could show you pictures.

Around 2 pm we went over to the Ws [another family we work with] for a thanksgiving meal. which was a.m.a.z.i.n.g by the way…

played with the W kids. and then watched bride and prejudice. A bolywood film.

then we went back over to the Bs. Had dessert. And then they watched white Christmas while i watched perry noble preach.

and the 6 of us slept over at the Bs again….

This was my christmas. Definitely different. But it was precious. Filled with love, and friends that are more like brothers and sisters.

I am blessed.


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