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Homesickness Vol. 2

Posted in life in the field by misspicture on December 23, 2010

I am homesick.

sitting on my ‘couch’ looking at our pretty christmas tree. Trying to call the girl who is supposed to be my best friend- but has only talked to me once since ive been here [ouch!] -But no answer. In desperate need of a familiar voice thats not my mom with bad news. [im not sure if im ready to post about it here yet].

I am just sad.

you would think that crying would make me feel better. well, my friend, tears are not coming out. which, for a feeler like me, is frustrating. I wish i could just cry right now, go to bed, and hope the grass is greener in the morning.

I wish i was home. Just for tonight.

My mom would make me arepas with tuna, and we would probably sit on our living room couch by the christmas tree, with a glass of wine, some green olives, and talk about life…. I miss late-night-over -wine conversations with my mom.

I miss Michelle, Arturo, and Sam. I miss our friendship. I miss our subway runs. I miss the four of us. together.

I miss my beloved sun. Maracaibo sun.

I miss what’s familiar. I miss comfort. I miss my mom’s car. I miss indio-mara and Chops.

But there is nothing i can do about it, is it?

only worship Jesus in the middle of the storm. Because He is the only thing that hasnt changed.

and it never will.



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  1. Jon said,

    Amiga! Sorry to hear about your homesickness. I hope the grass is greener tomorrow. Let’s talk on skype sometime!

  2. […] few weeks ago i wrote THIS and NateKA read it. And as if his hugs weren’t enough he decided to make arepas for me. Arepa […]

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