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Posted in life in the field by misspicture on December 21, 2010

I haven’t been writing lately because i have not been feeling well. My back has been hurting really bad. So bad that i have been laying in bed for the past 4 days. I went to the doctor on friday and got a shot. And i went back again today for physical therapy which i will be doing for the next few weeks.

It still hurts. I dont really know why. It’s really weird. I dont understand.

I really hope to be ok by christmas.


In other news, my team [of course] has been great. So great that i havent missed my mom that much. [ dont tell her ]

Thursday-  I laid in the floor for over 1 hour [ i couldn’t move] and my roommates stayed with me the whole time.
Friday-  D* came over and sat with me all afternoon and worked on his computer while i watched a movie and then later that night he went to the lebanese restaurant and picked up my dinner. A* took me to the doctor and sat down with me while i was bawling. N* came over and watched modern family. And then we all skyped with the other N*
Sunday- D*  and L* surprised me with Mc Donald’s for lunch.

I am blessed.

These past four days have been very frustrating. But God always finds a way, everyday, to make me feel loved, cared for, and special.



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  1. indeed He does lady 🙂 Be safe and keep updating us

    • misspicture said,

      Marcus! so glad to see your face again. 🙂

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