The Heart of a Missionary-

What i believe…

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on December 12, 2010

I added a flag counter a few weeks ago and it tells me i have visitors from all over the world.

To welcome you, my new readers, i thought i would share with you why i do what i do and why i would spend the rest of my life doing it…

“what do you do?” you may ask. I tell people about Jesus. As much as possible.

Now, you may think Jesus was just a good prophet. Or a really good teacher. But let me tell you He is more than that. He is The Son of God. He is YOUR Saviour.

I dont care how many times you deny the fact that you were born sinful. The truth is that you were, and still are sinful.

Just look at the kids in your life. Who taught them to be selfish? who told them to lie?

We are all sinful.

And the mess that our sin has caused is so great that we can not clean it up ourselves. It doesnt matter how many times you give to the poor, or go to church, or help those in need. The good things we do dont cancel out the bad ones.

We need a saviour.

Someone who lived a perfect life. Someone sinless [unlike you and me] Someone like Jesus. Who was born out of a virgin girl by the Holy Spirit. Sinless, Perfect Jesus.

The Saviour came and payed the payment for yours and my sin.

He did what you and I couldn’t do by going to church and being a “good person”. He lived a perfect life, He died on a cross and His blood covered all of our sins, and then God The Father raised Him from the dead.

And He is alive right now.

I know what you are thinking right now….

“…..But Prophets dont die”

Im sorry, friend. Mohammed is dead. Abraham is dead.

Jesus said “I am The way, The truth and The life, no one comes to The father but through Me.”

There is no other way. Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Messiah, IS The way.

And the best part is that He wants a relationship with YOU. He wants to be close to You. The God of the universe loves you so much that He payed your debt on the cross. He wants you to have salvation as a free gift.

Would you take a few minutes to ask Jesus, The way-The truth- and The life- to  come be the King of your life? To fill up your empty heart, to give you peace, and joy?

I just felt like writing about this.

Feel free to comment here if you have any questions, or doubts about what i wrote. I promise to do my best to answer them




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