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My team…

Posted in life in the field by misspicture on November 21, 2010

You’ve already read this, but….

My team is the best!

We are all really different but it seems like we’ve found our own little way to get along and be friends outside of our working schedules.

I think its partially because we’ve all made friends outside of our team.

anyways, im rambling here. Its late… again…

I guess what i want to say is that I am thankful for the people God chose to place here this year.

Im thankful for my precious roommates.

A* is vulnerable, and is quick to see a need and meet it. [she takes care of me when im sick]
J* is strong, she is a leader and a servant. [she makes popcorn for me and picks up my mess]
L* is honest, she has great boundaries and loves hugs [She does my dishes sometimes]

Im thankful for the boys.

Oh the men on my team are wonderful. They are a gift!

D* is such an encourager, he celebrates my poor arabic and shows up at spanish club every week. [and acts like he likes it (well… maybe he does)]
Nk* is a servant, he walks me home several times a week and cooks for us constantly. [When i call him he always picks up the phone in spanish]
Nm* is brave, he is a fighter. He has taught me that men of faith doubt, but they keep fighting anyways. Thanks for not giving up, nate.

This is my team.
and this is my little thanksgiving post.



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  1. Kaitlin said,

    chama acabo de ver tu flag counter. por que nadie de venezuela visita tu blog?

    • misspicture said,

      jajajjajajaja porque es en ingles. y no mucha gente sabe sobre este blog. solo las personas que me tenian en twitter (cuando yo tenia twitter)

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