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Sheep, Abraham, Jesus and muslims

Posted in life in the field by misspicture on November 17, 2010

Today we celebrate the Eid-Kabir. A holiday where muslims go buy a perfect sheep, have a kill-the-sheep-party and then eat it. all of it. and when i say all of it. I mean, well…. all of it.

Its shocking to see how a big city like the one i live in can be come, for lack of a better word, a farm so fast. There were sheep everywhere. everywhere. I saw a family literally carry their sheep up the stairs to their apartment. keyword: apartment.

when i got my camera it was already too late.

It smells like sheep. everywhere
their meeeh-sound is everywhere.

It is sheep-killing day around here. All the stores are shut down. Traffic is crazy crazier. No taxis. No fruit-and-veggies- cart-guy.

It is sheep-killing day!

I got invited to my friend’s house. Which was both good and bad

[hold on to your sits. This post will be long]

It was good because the killing of the sheep provided  spiritual environment and spiritual conversations were welcomed. It was also good because i got the chance to connect with her family.

It was bad because im selfish , self-centered, and I like comfort a little too much. I’ll leave it at that.

In celebrating this they remember when God asked Abraham to kill his son and then provided a lamb for him to sacrifice. [you know the story. give me a break… its 10:30pm here.]

I had a fun convo with my friend.

We were talking about Love and i was telling her how much God loves us that He sent his son, Jesus, so that we could have a personal relationship with Him. I also told her that in the same way God provided a lamb for Abraham, Jesus was God’s provision for us.

anyways… this is how my conversation went.

Me= how does Mohamed show you he loves you?
f= he gave us the holy book, and the five pilars of Islam
me= well, Jesus showed me He loves me by dying on the cross and coming back to life. He is alive. is mohamed alive?
f= no, he died in 1632
me= well Jesus is alive
f= yes, because he never died. Prophets dont die. God can not allow His perfect prophets to die.
me= Friend, you just said mohamed is dead. oh and by the way… Abraham died too

she thought about it, and then said…. “Really? did Abraham die?…” and then left the room.

It is really frustrating to see  how easy it is to see that Islam is a lie, and at the same time how hard it is for them to let go of that lie. It is hard to know if what im doing here is really making an impact.

Jesus loves them. Jesus loves them. Jesus loves them. Yes He does. You do too. You love them You love them. yes…

I have to constantly. cons-tant-ly repeat this in my head

It is hard to see these things through the eyes of Jesus. It is hard to love my friends.

Needless to say i was there when they killed the sheep. Though i refused to actually see the animal die. I was in the room next door to the party. [party. The whole family was there and they were laughing. you know… the sheep also provides a little family bonding time] and then i had to eat the liver, the intestines and that other gross thing [ i think it was its heart. I didnt ask].

There was blood everywhere.

Then God decided to say something.

– “see all that blood?. Can you hide it?”

Me- Well… they have been cleaning and scrubbing the floor for about 3 hours now. But there is still blood on the walls, the floor is not 100% blood-free. so, no. You cant.

-“Correct. And even if you could hide the blood the smell would still be there.” He said. ” My child, a perfect lamb has been slaughtered for you. There are signs of it in your life. You cant hide it. They see it ”

What a great reminder.
What an encouraging word.
What an amazing God, we serve!

They see it. They see the sacrifice. They see the difference. They see the love. They see the forgiveness. They see the salvation. They see the grace, and the mercy. They see Jesus. They see Him. They see it.

If my muslim friend sees it.
Your friend sees it.

Mabrouk Eid!


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  1. Callie said,

    I know this is an older post, and that I could have commented on this before. But i just got back from doing mission work in Greece. But I wanted to encourage you. I know its hard working with the Muslim faith. To see what the people are fed from the time they are born to adulthood. You wonder if you will make an impact or not. My encouragement to you is YOU ARE. Whether you see it or not, you are planting a seed in these peoples lives. Love them unconditionally, show them who Jesus is through your actions, and they will slowly begin to get it. They will come to a place where the will be at a cross roads. They will have to choose whether to follow the way of Mohamed or follow the way of Jesus. One of the things I realized while working with refugees is that they couldn’t get past the Trinity. They believed that we believed in 3 Gods. But anyways…. off of my tangent just remember God will use you in the little ways to further his kingdom. It doesn’t have to be big. I am praying for you during this time ma’am. And thank you for the work you are doing. You truly did inspire me to want to do Gods work 🙂

    • misspicture said,

      wow friend. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It has been a hard couple of months. that is for sure- but I have been learning just that. God is using me here. He is making a difference through me even if i dont see it. Thanks again. God bless you.

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