The Heart of a Missionary-

Happy post.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on November 6, 2010

Welcome to the first happy post of this blog since ive been here. haha!

I am developing friendships with  a hand-full of girls. And i actually like them… I could be friends with them back home. They are precious.

Im actually starting to get excited about my life here.

I live in freaking Africa!

I started running last week. I only ran for 3 min. But HEY! its a start… dont judge me!

I also watched my first full Steven Furtick- sermon since ive been here.

This is my life.

Hearing the call to prayer five times a day is normal.

Ive had the chance to talk about Jesus with my friends and it has been great to get to share about His love, goodness and faithfulness.

my life is great.
I love it.
My team is fantastic.
My roommates are THE best.

I apologize. My posts havent been making much sense lately. I just ramble…. Im always tired in this country.

I will get my act together and start writing good stuff again.

k, adios.



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