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Redefining beauty

Posted in struggles by misspicture on October 27, 2010

If you are a woman and spend more than 3 days in this country your view of beauty will most likely change.

What is a beautiful woman, anyways?

Back in Venezuela i will not leave the house without make up on.
but i have not used make up, not even once, since i got here.
and it feels great.

Back in Venezuela i would spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror waiting for it to tell me im beautiful.
Here in the desert the mirror tells me im not beautiful. But i have learned to ignore it.
and it feels great.

I stand out.
but not because of my beauty. But because i dont meet the modesty standards. It doesnt matter how much i cover my body… my long hair will always be provocative

sometimes i wish i could just cover it like most women do here.

I hate to be stared at like im a piece of meat.

What is a beautiful woman, anyways?



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  1. Kaitlin said,

    Diana, I find this post so interesting. Well, because I’ve never lived in Africa and I just don’t know what it’s like. So, it was cool to hear your side of that. It was also really interesting your take on this beauty issue being a Venezuelan in Africa. Since I was an outsider in Venezuela, I guess I just like hearing how a Venezuelan feels in another country. This quote I find the most interesting, “I hate to be stared at like im a piece of meat” because that’s exactly the way I feel in Vzla. Thanks for blogging and letting us know what’s going on in your life.

  2. asni said,

    i think y ‘ve to be off yr heard….that shit of missionary ‘s out of dates….

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