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Hello from the desert

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on October 26, 2010

Hello there, dear friends and readers.

Its 10:30pm and i am still awake. even though i would really like to be sleeping right now. anyways…  I got here, i am doing great. My team is awesome just as i knew they would be.

I am pretty happy.


I am tired.

Life here is not that different from life in Venezuela.

Streets are dirty, people are always late, crazy traffic, dirty veggies, tab water makes you sick.

im used to all these things.

no big shock for me

I do miss my family and friends. I miss not having to cook everyday. a lot.

I still enjoy cooking. But not in a rush.

sundays are a great day to cook.


i have to go now.

good bye.


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  1. Jyllia said,

    Hey Miss Picture,

    I am glad you made it there safely and that you are adjusting well. While I know that you cannot really post photos as it will give away your location, If there are photos that you can post that can still concile where you are, please do so. Thanks!!!


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