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The Sun Stood Still.

Posted in Support Raising by misspicture on September 22, 2010

Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still.

and it did.

Steven Furtick wrote a book about it.

And he has been preaching for 24 hr straight. IT has been great to be encouraged and at the same time challenged to pray what he calls SSS-prayers (Sun Stand still).

Earlier this month i embraced this new way of praying.

I think this new way of praying has changed my perspective and the way i look at my circumstances

Praying a Sun Stand Still prayer is asking God to do something Impossible. Something that does not make sense to those around us.

My SSS-Prayer was that God would raise $35000 in 3 months.

I prayed. and prayed, and prayed, and prayed….

But it wasn’t until i allowed God to actually perform the miracle. Read about it Here That He answered those prayers.

Today. I have the honor to inform you.

That the sun stood still.

He answered my prayers.

I am at 100%

What is your SSS prayer?


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  1. zach pippin said,

    WOOOOOOOOOOO! YES! So excited to see prayer answered

  2. Awesome stuff lady! Told ya it would happen 🙂

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