The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in Support Raising by misspicture on September 20, 2010

I have been thinking about this word a lot lately.

What it means. What it represents…..

God has been clear to me. He wants me to surrender my desires, my thoughts, my dreams, my life, my time. Myself

And that sounds great in theory. It sounds so spiritual and so christian. In the back of our minds we all know we need to surrender to Him. But when its time to put it into practice…… Then it gets complicated.

It is hard to let go of something God himself gave me. It is hard to let go of a promise He Himself made.

Genesis 22

go read it.

ok, HERE

Abraham was asked to give not just his precious son whom he loved. I dont think that was as hard as giving the promise God had made.

Because sacrificing his son kind of made sense. But killing the son of the promise? That did not make sense at all.

For me it is kind of easy to leave home. Sacrifice my comfort. call random people and ask them to support me. I am sort of ok with that.

But surrendering the promise?

what the heck?

You’ll see. I strongly believe that God made a promise to myself. A promise that He will take me to the desert. And last week i felt like He was asking me to surrender that. To let go of the promise. To not hold on to it anymore. To rest. To be ok with the fact that that promise may not come true. To praise Him in spite of that.

boy was that hard.

How could i be ok with not going to the desert? This is not something i made up. This is something He said. Something He Himself placed on my heart.

I had no other option but to say. “Lord, you are God. Whatever you decide to do is fine with me”

now, I know God works in different ways. But just the way He did with Abraham He did with me last weekend.

Abraham surrendered. God showed up.

I surrendered. God showed up big time.


Plane ticket. sept 28th

I learned that i was probably holding on to the promise so much that i had ceased  holding on to Him.

so whatever it is that you are going through. Just stop. And wave your white flag to God in surrender to His will.


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