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Pastors, quality time, and love.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on September 16, 2010

I got back from church a few hours ago. They prayed for me and my ministry


I was not. I repeat. I was not expecting this.

They are also giving me a one-time gift


I was not. I repeat. I was not expecting this.

They should have been more involved in this whole process. I would have loved to be sent by them. Its ok though. This small act of kindness just reveals that God has been backing me up this whole time and my church had no option but to join Him.

One thing’s for sure. I felt loved.

My pastor told the congregation to not forget about me. To keep in touch and to keep me in their prayers. He said “Send her emails, spend time with her before she leaves…. I know this will mean a lot to her”

Another thing’s for sure. My pastor knows me.

Somehow he has me figured out. You can tell me that you love me all you want but if you don’t spend time with me your words wont mean a thing to me.

That’s just the way I roll. Maybe i should change that…. Should I?

Dear future husband, are you taking notes?

I mean, a phone call or even skype would do. [I believe in long distance relationships. I dont really want one. But ill take it if i have to. And skype would do the quality time trick for me.]

Why am i blogging about this?


I just wish some people – who may never read this- would stop saying they love me and start loving me for goodness’ sake.

That’s all for now.

6 days.

oh! wait! Did you hear?

1- My wonderful team skyped me on sunday. It was so nice to see their pretty faces and hear about their first week in the desert.

2- 94% baby.




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  1. Love the realness in this post lady. Good stuff. 94% 🙂

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