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Taco night and old friends. Am I blogging too much?

Posted in Randomness,Support Raising by misspicture on September 14, 2010

I have written three posts today.



I just got back home from a taco night with my colleagues. wow! I feel like a grown up just by saying that word… and by colleagues i mean the other engineers (or some of them) who went to college with me.

They wanted to say goodbye

They love me and always managed to not go partying on the weekends so i would not feel uncomfortable. They put up with my long talks about the desert and islam for five years. They would plan our study sessions around missionaries’ schedules ( I translated for missionaries A LOT during college. A LOT.) They heard the gospel 95805025820p5892058 times. I would practice the evange-cube with them and share the 4 laws. They have always been patient and loving.

I accept them just as they are. They do the same for me.

I love them. They are very special to me. 7 years ago when we started college I was the only christian (we are a group of 6). Today two of them call Jesus their savior.

What a blessing it has been to see them grow as believers. And what a blessing it has been for me to be there (specially for the girls) when they break up with boyfriends.

Today they wanted to make me feel special.

mission accomplished.

I am so thankful for the time God is allowing me to have with each and everyone of the special people in my life.

8 more days.


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