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Psalms, thank-you notes, and faith attacks

Posted in Randomness,Support Raising by misspicture on September 13, 2010

I memorized psalm 121 last night.

Just because it’s awesome.

I am not big at memorizing scripture. I should do that more often. Here it is.

I look up to the mountains
Does my help come from There?

My help comes from The Lord
The creator of the heavens and the earth

He will not let you stumble and fall,
He who watches over you does not sleep

indeed, the one who watches over israel
never tires and never sleeps

He himself watches over you
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade

The sun will not hurt you by day
nor the moon at night

The Lord will keep you from all evil
and preserves your life

The  Lord will watch over your steps as you come
and go. Both now and forever.

That was my attempt to write pslm 121 down without looking at my Bible. Did i miss anything? I hope not.

What a wonderful, wonderful, woooonderful psalm. What a promise! oh what a marvelous God we serve!

I kind of packed half of my stuff today.

Dont go off on me! I know i haven’t booked my flight yet. I know that i am only at 85%. I know all those things. Trust me.

But i had a faith attack this morning.

in other news,

I wrote dozens of thank you notes for my Venezuelan supporters this morning.

If you are supporting my ministry from the US. You will get something in the mail. eventually. sometime before may. probably around Christmas. 🙂

Im still under the effects of this random faith attack. If this continues, i might be at 90% by the end of the day.

say a little prayer.


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