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What He Said…

Posted in Support Raising by misspicture on September 12, 2010

Im writing this post mainly so i dont forget.

Friday night was a tough night. I was desperate for a word from Him. He was gracious to remind me of His promise. But He also gave me instructions for the 10 days to come…. which im sure wont be any easier.

Why was it a tough night you might ask?

Well, I do have a departure date to go to the desert but i have not bought the tickets yet. Most of my wonderful team is already there and i am still at 85% and have been experiencing more canceled appointments than ever. I have been stuck at 85% for way too long. This worries me.

anyways. Those are my very legitimate reasons.

Psalm 50

starting in verse 7 the Lord starts speaking to Israel. He tells them that He has no complaint about their sacrifices but He wants them no more. He said “What I want from you instead is your true thanks to God”

“Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory”

For me this was clear. He doesn’t want my hard work anymore. He has nothing against it. It has been good at His sight. But He wants me to stop working, working, working, and start trusting, trusting, trusting. I still need to meet with a few more people and make phone calls and that’s ok. But i think He wants me to rest a little.

Trust in me.
I will show up
And when I do, I will get all the glory

This is awesome news. I needed Him to tell me just that.

So Im trying… I wrote this verse all over my room so every time those annoying thoughts come my way i can look at it and say “Thank you Jesus”

Happy Sunday.


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