The Heart of a Missionary-

Desert Sick

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on September 11, 2010

10 months ago i was sitting on a starbucks right in front of the moulin rouge in Paris, France. I was asking God what my next move should be.

I knew I had been called to serve in the desert (im not using n.a anymore. security reasons.) but i wasn’t quite sure when He would have me do that. I had just been there for a couple of weeks and i knew He wanted me there.

I started writing on my journal…. I can not remember the words written that afternoon. But i do remember being desperate for a word from Him.

I was reading the book of Jeremiah at the time (B90X wooohooo!) and i stumbled upon these words.

Flee now! Do not delay! Jeremiah 4:6ish


I kept reading. But I kept going back to those words… Flee now! But i kept reading anyways…

then I came across this

Pack your bag and prepare to leave; the siege is about to begin Jeremiah 10:17

now, to all of you Bible scholars… I dont know a wacamole (yes, i just made this up. I like it) about the context of this text or what those passages really mean. I am sorry if you think i was just being emotional and that i am misinterpreting the Word of God. I just know one thing.

When God speaks. You just know. Most of the times it doesnt make sense. Most of the times you can not explain it. You just know.

And I just knew.

I knew He had spoken. Clearly.

I closed my Bible. Drank the rest of my oh so perfect starbucks coffee. Took the metro. and literally ran home (ok, ok. my friend’s apartment) when i got there i called my friend michelle and told her to look those verses up in her spanish Bible. She did.

no. They dont make sense.

God spoke. And He spoke in english. true story.

I have been desert-sick today. All day long. My heart is no longer here (Im sure you knew this) I want to go back to the desert and be with my team (the majority of them). So i sat down on my bed.

Being desperate  for a word from Him. once again….

He took me back to Jeremiah


Don’t you love it when God reminds you of His promises?

I do.

He said a few other things tonight. And I will share those tomorrow….

My spirit is quiet tonight.
My heart is joyful
And I am in the country He wants me to be today


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