The Heart of a Missionary-

Generational wisdom.

Posted in BONUS by misspicture on September 5, 2010

God has been given me the opportunity to talk to a few older women lately and spend quality time with them.

One is haply married.

One is struggling to stay married.

One has been divorced for over 5 years and is back to dating a wonderful and godly man

The other one is a widow.

I am single.

And It has been such a blessing to talk to them and learn about married life, how to talk to your husband, how to be flexible, what not to do, how to fix it when you screw it up, and how to love him until the day he dies.

I want to be one of those women -I hope Im already one- who invest their time and plant seeds of wisdom into younger women. This is just the way it’s supposed to be.

If you are married, go find someone who’s not and invite them into your home. Do life with them. We, single people, need to see godly marriages function.

If you are single, go find a godly married couple and babysit for free. Get yourself in that home. watch. and learn.

This generation needs wisdom. Wisdom from people who have already been where we are.

I am so thankful for my married friends. And Im looking forward to babysitting for a few (3?) couples this fall while in Africa.


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  1. mar said,

    Hey, AWESOME post.
    I belive, JUST what i needed.

    Your in my prayers.
    I just KNOW God will use you so much.
    Have a safe flight…

    • misspicture said,

      Thanks chama. He has great things in store, indeed. Thanks for believing. Glad this spoke to you 🙂

  2. Jon said,

    Ok ok ok, I’m getting back into the habit of commenting on here (sapa)!

    This post is so, so true. I have a couple I get to spend a lot of time with (my bosses), and it’s awesome to be over at their place, play with their daughter, etc.

    But it’s nice that you have a variety of women to talk to and learn from. I feel like the married couples I know typically got married early, i.e. during or right out of college. It would be great for me to meet a married guy who got married in his late twenties, who can not only model manhood and marriage, but can also speak to my current situation.

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