The Heart of a Missionary-

Appointment-less days.

Posted in Support Raising by misspicture on August 23, 2010

Hello there, readers!

Today is monday and I of course do not have appointments! There’s something about mondays and support raising… I think i have only had ONE appointment on a monday so far. And it was a few weeks ago.

Its ok though.

I find appointment-less days to be productive.
Why, you may ask.

Because i can run errands on those days.

Remember my 18 item to-do list?
well, i only have about 5 things left to do.


The countdown is 15 days until my team gets there. Unfortunately, due to lack of support (currently 77%) i wont be able to get there on the 7th. This makes me very, very, VEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYYYYY sad

I have no idea whats my departure date.
Probably september 15th or so…

Support will come in very soon. That’s for sure.

I just have been waiting for this moment for about FIVE years…. I am ready to leave. You have no idea.

My team is SO awesome! And they have been such a blessing and a encouragement during this time of preparation. I am looking forward to join them in a few weeks.

That’s all i have to say for now.
Thanks for coming.



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