The Heart of a Missionary-

If I die…

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on August 13, 2010

Saying goodbye.

It’s starting to happen.

Im trying not to leave unresolved issues in my life. Just in case i die you know…

Im serious!

I could die.

So I am trying to say goodbye to everyone possible.

Dang it! my glasses just broke…. One more item to my to-do list. WIN!


I am also trying to check all 18 items in my to-do list in 25 days or less. All that while trying to find 16 who are willing to give $50/month.

I am afraid that time is going to fly (it has already flown) and I am not going to do everything i want to do.

I can NOT wait to leave and do what God has for me.

This is it for me.

No other desire in my heart is as big, and deep as my desire to serve Jesus in Africa. Trust me.

I feel what most girls probably feel when they get married. Maybe a sense of wholeness and completeness. A sense of… like… “Now, I can die. Jesus come!”

So goodbye.

Because i might die.

So if i get killed.

What would you say about me if someone asked you?


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