The Heart of a Missionary-

Monday Encouragement.

Posted in Insights,Support Raising by misspicture on July 19, 2010

Im sorry.

I have been such a bad blogger! But i have been very busy.

Today i want to remind you (and me) that our timing is not His timing

For you, a thousand years are as a passing day,
as brief as a few night hours. Psalm 90:4

I was encouraged by this verse last week. I needed to be reminded that God’s timing is different than mine. I spent a few minutes meditating on this and came to the conclusion that worrying for this support thing is really stupid.

I need to look at this from the right perspective.

I have about 17 days left to raise $1600/month

God made the world and everything we see in 7 days. And took a nap after that.

Who says He cant do this in ONE day? Or in 17 days if He wants so.

Something inside of me tells me you need to look at your“problem” from the right perspective today. God is bigger, and more powerful,  than whatever you may be going through.

He is Willing to do what you need Him to do.

And maybe, just maybe, what you really need is what He wants to teach you through that hard situation.

So calm down. breath. Get quiet.

And Listen!

He wants to speak.

This song has been a refreshment to my heart.

Before the Morning- Josh Wilson


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