The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on June 27, 2010

a few things on my mind right now.. In no particular order

1- I think that my ability of switching from “I like you” to “meh” is pretty cool and has been really REALLY helpful through out my life. It also reveals that i have never really fallen in love and i am at peace with that fact.
2-  I am still very confused about the situation concerning #1.
3- Do you think God can clearly tell you who you are going to marry? Or Do you think He is not involved in this matter. That this is your choice and He lets you choose?
4- Support. Money.
5-  I am making a list of books im going to  buy and read through out next year.
6- I only have a few (i think 12) weeks left here
7- I think i might have shared too much information in #1, 2 and 3. oh well!
8- I tweeted this today. If you are affirmed by strangers ask yourself if those closer to you would say the same thing, Strangers only see what you want them to see. Those closer to you see who you really areIt is so true.
9- I really need to loose weight. My pink pants dont fit like they used to. Ha!
10- Sometimes i wonder if im working hard enough on support raising.


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  1. Meh 🙂

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