The Heart of a Missionary-

Oh Dad!

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on June 26, 2010

He has been the best father he knows how to be.

His biological dad was never there for him and his uncle [who raised him] was very cold and distant.

Im sorry dad.

His words are harsh sometimes. And i know that i know that i know he does not mean to be harsh but he ends up hurting me every once in a while.

Today we were having a conversation about how my friends from high-school all have jobs and dont have time to watch ‘whatever you watch’ (he probably meant “sermons online”) all day. He said. “Your life is easy right now. You dont have to worry about a boss, or about getting fired. You have it easy”

I wouldnt say my life is easy. Raising support is everything but easy.

But i would say that I am blessed.

I am not saying that working a real job is not ok. Im just saying that it wouldnt feel ‘ok’ for me. I was just not wired that way.

I am a missionary!

and raising support is what i do…

Even if you are not ok with it, dad.

I am blessed.

My dad is not always terrible. He has his good days. Days like today where, after the previous #FAIL, he said:

“So, you are leaving in september. Arent you?”


You have no idea what that means but let me in-light you.

These words were coming out of the mouth of the man who told me i was not allowed to be a missionary a few (very few) months ago.

I think he finally got it.

I am 24 years old after all. -Not that i care- but im also an Engineer. I am an adult.

And you know what else i think he got?

I think he is starting to understand that this is God’s will and that there is no thing he can do to stop this.

So, dear dad.

I wouldnt change you for the world. You could have been better. But God knows i could be a better daughter. Thanks for staying with me. Thanks for staying by my mom. Thanks for trying to change. Thanks for not freaking out when i talk to you about boys. Thanks for letting me talk to you about boys. Thanks for telling me im beautiful repeatedly. Forgive me for acting like i dont believe you.. deep inside i do believe you.

This is for my dad.
The man who loves me most.
The man who has my heart.

Te amo, papi.


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