The Heart of a Missionary-

Dear Diary….

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on June 24, 2010

I dont have one of those but I used to.

Anyways that’s not the point of this post.

I want to tell you how my day went today. I dont really have powerful insights today. Sorry-

MPD, right>? This is consuming all my time and energy! But I have to confess that I enjoy it most of the time. Anyways, I had 5 appointments today. FIVE! (you are expected to have 6/8 a week) Today was going to be a great day!

First appointment was at my church. Me and A* were supposed to meet with the intercessors at our church and present our ministry to them and ask them for support. That meeting went great! they prayed for us and committed to keep doing so. But no one there committed financially.

As i was heading to appointment #2 i got a text saying.. “Im sorry. Cant make it”

Appointment #3 showed up and decided to support me financially. #SCORE

Appointment #4 canceled

And appointment #5 is giving a BIG one time gift.

and to top it all. I went out to dinner with my two best guy friends. Art and Sam.

awwhh do i love those two.

Today was a great day!

How was yours?


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