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Marcu’s Public Apology

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on June 14, 2010

My dear friend Marcus posted this on his blog after “guest blogging” here. I thought this was hilarious and so nice and sweet of him.

You can check him out HERE

He will give you what he calls “inspiration for your momma” you can also help him raise money for charity water HERE

And Marcus.. Apology accepted.


So I just guest posted on a good friend of mine’s blog who is on twitter. Funny thing, I haven’t met her yet, but I would still consider her a good friend. Weird? Maybe, lol!

Well, like I was saying I guest post today and I pretty much promoted myself :) I’m not proud of it, I actually thought it was funny afterward though, cause I didn’t realize I did it till she called me out on twitter.

Anywho, Miss Picture is a really awesome person. She is truly trying to rock the Gospel and follow God’s steps for her. She is even working on her slang to keep up with me on twitter.

She has a heart for Africa and from what I hear can cook like no other. Hmm.

She blogs daily at Heart of a Missionary and will surely give you a worthy post to fill your tank whenever it’s empty.

Is this a promo post for her?


Well, anyway, today is her birthday so check her out when you get a chance and wish her a happy one. Go! Now! Seriously!


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  1. Thanks! Big Ups to ya! 🙂

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