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Guest blogger: Marcus Williamson

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on June 12, 2010

It’s Miss Picture’s Birthday today and in honor of her Birthday I’m kicking her off the blog for a day so she can relax and eat some cake on this awesomeness of a day.

Who am I? Glad you asked. Boy, you guys are so polite on this blog. I may have to make the switch permanent.

I am Marcus Williamson. Graphic Designer and Blogger. My style is simple when it comes to design:

When it comes to blogging, I focus all of my efforts on what gives me inspiration; graphic design, with the occasional Fun post in between. Drop by if you want to be inspired:

Alright now that introductions are out of the way. I would ask who you are but that may be a little too forward seeing how this is not my blog, so here’s the deal, if you are reading this wish Miss Picture a Happy Birthday and we can call it a day.

You rock!


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