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Just so you know…

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on June 7, 2010

I am in love with You.

Now, Im not good with words. Specially when you’re around. I dont know what to say and a million “I love You”s is all im able to articulate. There are no words, nouns, or adjectives.

My love, I enjoy my life only because You are around. I would die without you. You are my all in all. I dont want to spend one single minute without you.

Just so you know, I am starting to believe what You say about me. I am starting to see myself through your eyes… I like the way you see me. You see me and say Im beautiful. You see me and say you care. Just so you know, my life will never be the same. You changed it all. You changed me.

And all i want to do is talk to you all day. Read your love letters over and over again. I talk about you all the time and I sing songs about you.

I love You.
I am in love with you, My Jesus.

Just wanted You to know.


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