The Heart of a Missionary-

Hello MPD!

Posted in Support Raising by misspicture on May 25, 2010

MPD= Ministry Partners development

Hello there!

Im sorry i have been a terrible blogger lately.

I started raising support earlier this week and i am super excited to see God step up and provide $35.000 for me. I am looking for around 60 people who are willing to invest around $5o a month.

If you are interested please hit me on twitter with your email address, and i will email you with more info about how you can be part of what God is doing in Africa. Feel free to ask any questions and/or spread the word.

I am really excited to share my  heart for these women with everyone!

Please, please, PLEASE, feel free to let me know if you want to have a skype appointment. I would LOVE to show you pictures and tell you how God is moving in Africa.

I have three appointments this week and i am looking forward to start walking by faith and trust God to provide this ridiculous amount of money.

Please be praying for me.
The enemy is definitely at work.


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