The Heart of a Missionary-

Once upon a rainbow…

Posted in BONUS,Poetry by misspicture on March 20, 2010
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Life goes UP
Life goes DOWN
Dreams change
Friends come and go
But You.
You, my dear
Are what keeps me trying
You, my love
Are the rainbow in my cloudy days.

I love you
Even when i dont feel like it.
I love you

and so, I dance…

At the sound of your silence
at the beat of your music

Once upon a rainbow


5 Responses to 'Once upon a rainbow…'

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  1. This is simply beautiful 🙂

  2. misspicture said,

    hey thanks so much!!

  3. Douja said,

    Wow I love this one and the picture goes well!

  4. u know i love rainbows
    and this
    is AMAZING

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