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What do women want?

Posted in Q' Time,Randomness by misspicture on March 17, 2010
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I hate to say  this but this question is a really hard one to answer. Even for women.  I will do my best to explain what we really want in this post.

I came up with three things

1- We want our man to lead us spiritually- I think this is a big one. Even for non-believers. Im sure they dont call it that but deep inside women long for someone to follow. We want someone who loves us enough to protect out hearts, souls and minds by setting limits. We want him to  lead the way. We want him to be the one who initiates prayer times and start spiritual convos.

2- We want our man to be vulnerable- We want to know you trust us enough to get emotionally naked and be sure that we will love you just the same. we will.

3- We want to be told you love us- For some women this is by receiving gifts, or through quality time, or words of affirmation. It depends on her love language BUT one thing’s for sure. We need to be constantly reminded that you love us.

now, im sure there’s a lot of other things we want. But i think these are key and every women will agree.

now lets play a fun game. But i need all of you to participate. I want the girls reading this to add things to my 3-item list, say something women want that i didnt come up with. And Boys! what do you want?

set. Ready… GO!

Girls- What do women want?



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  1. norecg said,

    To be useful. Even though there are things that only men can do, we want to help them as much as possible, with that i mean by holding their stuff while they’re working at church, bringing them breakfast if they had a long night studying..etc. It is nice when they let us help them, with little or big things. 🙂

  2. women just want a man inlove….is all
    when a man is in love’he’s the best that he can be
    and even more.
    is just my opinion

  3. zach pippin said,

    1. We want to be needed, but not for the girl to be needy. If that makes sense. A girl should be able to handle herself well on her own, but come to us when she needs help.

    2. Someone that will support us, but not blindly. Give us encouragement, but be a wise voice against foolish ideas.

    3. Someone who is not afraid to work. Not being chauvinistic, but we want someone that can take care of the house. Cook, clean, raise kids. But of course any decent guy will definitely help her.

    4. A companion. Sounds simple and obvious, but someone with whom we can share life. A best friend that is always there no matter what. Someone who will be there 20 years down the road to look back on all of the ups and downs of life.

    • Teto said,

      maaan! you rock! that was really good!

  4. Emiro said,

    In my case, i’d like to have someone to share -or at least to understand and support- my walk with Christ, my passion for kids/missions in general.

    Someone that i could: laugh, talk, discuss, be in a silent room & simply stare at and enjoy.
    Someone that would be aware that she can trust me and know that i’ll be there for her. But at the same time be brave enough to face life’s obstacles.

    I want a complement, someone to love. I want someone to share my life with, and invite to be part of mine.

    That’s what Emiro wants. 🙂

    • misspicture said,

      awesome. I believe with all my heart that He will grant you the desires of your heart.

  5. Teto said,

    well this is really a hard question!!! what do i want? girl i want many thing! first of all i want someone with another nationality! HAHAHAHA and it is not only for my own benefit… i would like to have multicultural kids!

    Zach Pippin already wrote what i want! but… i would like a girl that i can laugh with, cry with and walk with! i need best friend who’s there for me and im there for her! mostly that… probably a white girl with black hair and light eyes! (hahahaha)
    ah! must be a worshiper! a psalmist! a singer… with a beautiful worshiper heart… and we, together, can worship Jesus in one single direction!

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