The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in Insights by misspicture on March 5, 2010

Last week i promised to write a little about Jacob and Esau (Gen 25-30ish)

Isaac had two sons. they were twins. Jacob was his mom’s (Rebekah) favorite and Esau was his father’s favorite. I would imply that Jacob was a little jealous of his brother Esau. we see this in Genesis 25:29-34

Esau was hungry and Jacob was cooking. He asked for food but Jacob told him that he would only feed him if Esau sold  his birthright to him. Esau was so hungry that he didnt care and exchanged his birthright for a bowl of lentils.

Esau was thinking with his stomach

and Jacob was being selfish and envious. He hated that his brother was more loved by his father than he was.

Could it be that the whole lea/rachel drama was a consequence of  this incident?

and the incident HERE ?


I cant say for sure.

but maybe.

Are you being envious today?

My advice is this.

If you want something someone else has. work to have it. they probably did.

If you want his ministry. Serve where you are first

If you want her perfect family. First know that its not perfect and then make God a priority in yours.

If you want her body. Stop eating junk food and start excercising

Dont dwell in the fact that you dont have what you want. Know that you have everything you need. Jesus.


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