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Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on March 1, 2010

So my mom fired me last night.

How convenient. Now that im support raising.

Im still going to work for her whenever she needs to import stuff and she’ll pay me for that but that’s not every month…

I have always had a job.


I had a job before graduating from college.

Now i dont.

That means. No money.

My mom said she’ll pay me for taking my sister to swim classes twice a week which ive been doing for a while now. I could do that.

But i need a part time job. Something i can do while i stay home with my siblings.

Maybe translating?


who knows?

Im freaking out.


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  1. […] Im working as a translator right now and it is HARD. Yes! i have a job! one that allows me to raise support and meet with people on office hours. Read about how my mom fired me HERE […]

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