The Heart of a Missionary-

It is official!

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on February 25, 2010


I applied yesterday and got accepted today.

I am going to Africa for 10 months in 27 weeks.

I already have FOUR team mates.

THREE of them are girls and we will be living in the same apartment.

And there is one other boy who will live in another building nearby

I am so excited.

I have been talking to my -future- roommates a lot lately and they are so sweet and it seems like we are going to get along pretty well.

They informed me today, however, that there is one other girl who might join our team but still hasnt been accepted. And that might mean renting another apartment for two of us. (current apartment fits 3-4 ppl)

Im not looking forward to this. I want all of us to be together. But… whatev…

I shouldnt be worried about that right now.

It is official

Im an intern with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Let the real fun start.

MPD. Here i go.!


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  1. zach pippin said,

    awesome! just got to read this today. let me know how I can help get you there

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