The Heart of a Missionary-

What does a missionary look like?

Posted in Insights,Randomness by misspicture on February 17, 2010
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Last night someone told me i was too “snobby” to be a missionary. I laughed at first but then i felt sad.

What does a missionary look like?

Is it because i own a Mac?

Is it because i’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to a few countries?

Is it because i drive a nice truck?

It’s not mine. Not even close. Its my moms. Most of the times i take public transportation. But of course you dont know that.

Is it because i speak english?

What does a missionary look like?


This whole time i thought it was a heart issue. That it didnt matter what you looked like or how you dressed or what you drove or what computer you owned. I thought the fact that i voluntarily wanted to give up all the comfort i have at home mattered. I am not rich, nor are my parents. But we have a comfortable life.

and guess what?

I dont want it.

I want to give, give, give, like a crazy lady. I want to give everything i have. I dont want comfort. I want Jesus.

I thought that made eligible for the missionary position

I wish i could just send that person an email with a list of all the things im doing to prepare myself for next year. How im being diligent, how bad i beg God every day to shape me,  to make me the woman He wants me to be and to teach me how to die to myself. everyday. every minute. every second.

But I wont.

No one needs to know that but Jesus.

And He already knows.

I still love this person, respect him and appreciate him.

But this hurt.


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  1. bencrayton said,

    Haha, I think he could have said what he meant in a way that was not like a slap in the face. Sometimes we can be so tack-less in our communication.

    The only thing I can think of is perhaps examining your heart for areas of pride. Or, more effectively, asking a good friend to help you find parts of your life where you are too reliant on your own talents, your own intelligence, or even your own ‘goodness.’

    I don’t know if the word “snobbish” is ever used in the Bible, but certainly we are called to be humble.

    Do you rub the fact that you have a Mac in the faces of us PC folk? Do you talk about traveling to other countries just to remind people you have met that you have? Do you defer to traveling in your mom’s truck merely because it looks great?

    I’m guessing the answers are ‘no.’ But as an internet person I really can’t provide the introspection you are looking for. Even for such a mean word as “snobbish” this person was probably only referring to a small area of your life. Put a smile on your face. We all have flaws, certainly flaws connected with pride. Take this opportunity to find where some pride has holed up inside your character and humble yourself before the Lord.

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