The Heart of a Missionary-

Late post.

Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on February 17, 2010

Did you miss me today?

I spent the day on a missions training. It was great. Made me miss Africa. a lot. I also received AWESOME news.

My Friend. My sister. The girl who saw me cry in Africa. The girl who prayed for me numerous times. The girl who traveled the country with me. The girl who shared her bed with me for a week. The girl who went to the store and bought me soup when i got sick. The girl who understands the passion of my heart like no one else. The girl who freaks out about spending too much money. The girl who is not afraid to be vulnerable. The girl who hates doing the dishes. The girl who eats like a pig but still has perfect curves is going back to Africa for a year.

That means we will be team mates.
That means we will be roommates.

Im looking forward to spending next year with a dear friend.

This was taken at 6 am. on a train. we look bad.

Moving on, Daniel Fast was good today. I barely ate during the day. That mix of almonds, bitter chocolate and peanut kept me going today. But God has been so good that He’s giving me strength. Ruth was read, again.

and i wonder.

Why did the other man, who was first in line to redeem ruth, not want to redeem the land after Boaz told him that he had to take Ruth as his wife?. Wasnt she like the best catch?

This book is confusing.

Maybe Ruth and Boaz were just meant to be.

Yeah.. That’s probably it.


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