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10 THINGS i dont want.

Posted in 10 Things by misspicture on February 2, 2010
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In no particular order

I DONT want…

1- To ever allow anything or anyone to take God’s place in my life

2- To not be able to keep contact with my friends while in Africa

3- To miss my little brother’s 2nd birthday and his first day of school

4- To have someone else cook for my husband and kids. I will be the Queen of that kitchen (even if its tiny) im telling you. No one feeds my family but momma.

5- To have someone else raise my kids.

6- To be scared about support raising. Im about to pee my pants- scared

7- To ignore what i believe God has been telling me.

8- To be confused about what i believe God has been telling me.

9- To have a busy schedule this year

10- To be in this “detox” diet. But im just supporting my mom you know… IM STARVING! Daniel fast is going to kill me in 14 days.


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  1. Michelle Teague said,

    busy schedule … eso lo vas a tener pero es para bien 🙂

    Del resto tranquila Dios te cuida y mucho me consta ❤

    btw tu cocinas muy bien, so tus hijos y tu esposo solo van a querer tu comida

  2. Sil said,

    i love this post. i feel so related to what you wrote!
    Don’t worry too much about the Daniel fast, you’re just gonna be vegan for three weeks! let me know if you need some help. I’ve bee there for a couple months as vegan and half a year as vegetarian, it’s not much of a experience what you get in such short time, but i learned some good recipes!.

  3. Sil said,

    lol ok, i just read some stuff and let me change the word “vegan” for “the super most strictest vegan” (yay for redundance). but you can still eat soyburgers! they are aaaaaaawesome.

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