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My LOVE language [Parte DOS]

Posted in Randomness by misspicture on February 1, 2010
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Ok. I cant stop thinking about my love language.

And it just HIT me.

This is the way i relate to God. It is the way i show Him i love Him.

I spend time with Him.

That is why i struggle SO much with quiet time. When i dont sit down and spend quality time with Him i feel like im not loving Him.

tricky, huh?!

Oh! the things you learn about yourself….

I like this though.

I LOVE the fact that having a quiet time is not just a ritual in my day but an act of love and worship. While i sit down with a cup of tea (yes, tea is mandatory) and with an open Bible i feel (and He knows because He made me this way) on my highest level of love. yes. si!

I am amazed by this.


what about you? how do you feel like you are loving God the most?


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  1. norecg said,

    Oh My God! this is sooo Trueee! My love languaje is affirmation words, amd turns out that’s exactly the way I show HIM love.. I love singing and worshiping and I find myself constantly telling Him how great He is, in the shower, in the car, even when I’m in class I start praising him in my mind LOL =D

    It also makes my heart beat faster, everytime I remember the great things He sais ’bout me..It makes me so happy!♥♥

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