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Posted in Randomness by misspicture on January 18, 2010
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Did you read my BONUS post this saturday?


I was determined to do something CRAZY for Jesus and step out of my comfort zone so others could be blessed.  Now, Im still determined to do it but im just not going to do that particular thing.

Ill spare you of the details… But my parents didn’t approve. In fact they felt offended.

Not a good thing.

Im frustrated though. I REALLY wanted to do that thing. (not because i wanted wanted to. But because i knew it would allow me to be more dependent on God)

Oh well.

Im trying to come up with something else that is crazy. And i’ve got a rough idea of what that might be… But im not sure yet.

I will let you know soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks for all the support.

What is something -CRAZY- You are currently doing? How are you dying to yourself so that others can be blessed?


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  1. Pray God shows you what to do. As far as me, I don’t have a real concrete answer. I need to get on that.

  2. Me said,

    i die inside (or pride does) every time i get out of my confort zone to help other. Mom and dad are getting a divorce, so it’s really hard to let my own self go and try to help them out in the process. Altho it doesn’t go as well as i would like it to.
    The best cure for anxiety and agony is helping others, or so i’ve read. I think it true, but just hard to do. there are just so many ways to get out of our comfort zone and help anyone around us, no need of doing wild things (and i LOVE doing crazy things, i’m the queen of crazy ideas).
    You know, like the widow, she didn’t do anything crazy, she just gave her heart into that coin, ain’t that crazy enough? i think of all the many things i “do” for my family but less of 10% come from my heart and the desire of doing them good.

    Sometimes i just really feel like quitting schoool because i think that “scientific” knowledge is getting me form learning the truth. But i wouldn’t be loving my parents if i did that.
    ok, so this is secret. but the real crazy thing i’m doing is learning to love the guy my mom cheated on my dad with. and learning to love her too despite what i feel about what happened. Love that guy as much as i love my best friend, even if i don’t talk to him. well i think that’s really crazy (maybe cuz i’m not used to really love). i guess i “have the right” to feel resentful, but i actually don’t. so, it’s hard, too hard, but i think once i’m over that, i’ll be a different person.

    you’re truly awesome, diana! 🙂

  3. norecg said,

    You said CONFORT well, that’s pretty much what I’m quitting to, LITERRALLY. I just felt so selfish living life as I was used to, waking up late, napping the whole afternoon, getting late pretty much everywhere..and so on.

    I started evaluating the place’s I am most confortable on and then well, getting rid of them..I’m currently waking up at 5 to do my devotional, I have scheduled naps and the time I spent in front of the pc, and I’m not longer talking 1hr on the phone.

    when it comes to crazy, I’m taking my new testament wich is pretty tiny, and reading it in my free time inside the classroom (if it dosen’t sounds crazy try doing it in front of 60 non-christians students).. I still think that’s not CRAZY enough but until I find a crazier thing I’m sticking to that.

    I’m feeling tired, and sometimes I would like to quit, but I WANT to die to myself, not to prove anyone but myself , that I’m giving little steps to become a CHRIST centered person.

    Still praying for you..

  4. the queen of impossible said,

    Confort zone thats the biggest problem of it all…i like that word…i’m definitely gonna use it… 🙂
    PS can’t wait to know what you’re doing

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